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‣ June 22nd, 2014
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Turns out that when you spend all your time flying around the world having your pokemon destroy inn furniture, you kind of run out of money.

[And he's way too stubborn to accept Carmen paying for everything all the time, even with her unexplained reserves of cash. So here he goes...!]

To fix that, I'm taking commissions for leather goods! I've been doing this for...just about forever, so I can make just about anything put of whatever this world's version of leather is, really -- saddles, bags, saddles with bags, coats, coats with bags, bags with hidden bags, you get the idea. I can also work with metal, but I'd rather not make any weapons. I'm thinking more along the lines of prosthetic limbs (not that most of you have need for that) or jewelry.

Depending on what it is, we can talk out a price that works. Call in today and receive a free egg or bunny rock thing with your order!

Or just call in if you want the pokemon and something crafted, I guess. I'll have a list of egg moves for the ones I have on hand, but if that's all you want then I'll need to ask you to pay for them. The daily swarm pokemon just need a good home. Haven't seen what these new guys can do in battle yet, but if you're in a pinch, they make an excellent dragon-repelling disco ball*!

*May or may not actually repel dragons. The scientists are still hard at work on that one.

[And as promised, HERE is his egg list, attached to the message! It includes pictures of Eevee, Arcanine, Scrafty, Emolga, and the mysterious Carbink, with notes that the Arcanine and Scrafty are evolved forms. Also shown are examples of things he's made (warning: that last one is a gif.)

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[He's still rubbing at his skull when he starts recording. All those memories rushing back at once wasn't exactly a fun experience, but given the circumstances he's not looking that worse for wear. In fact, there's a hint of a grin starting to appear before he starts talking.]

And here I was, thinking it was all a really elaborate dream. Probably should have known better -- I'm leagues ahead of everyone else on Berk, but no Viking is this creative.

I don't know who's still here, or even how long it's been for you all... Looks like all my stuff is gone, though. Can't have anything be too easy, can I? But it's good to be back.

[A floppy-eared Emolga climbs up into the frame, clinging to the Viking's armor until he can settle down onto Hiccup's shoulder. He wasn't Dinkfin or Adder, but Hiccup's already decided he's fond of the guy. No guessing as to why Johto felt it was an appropriate partner, anyway...]

And this time? Not waiting here for a week. If anyone needs me, I'll be heading to Cherrygrove.
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Jun. 22nd, 2010 06:09 pm
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Jun. 22nd, 2010 06:00 pm
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